Meet Zeppole (aka Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask)! I still have to change his eye color but haven’t unlocked it yet ^^;

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UFO catcher -

Kirby’s Adventure (HAL Laboratory/Nintendo - NES - 1993)

I haven’t been posting due to personal reasons but now that things have settled down a bit I’m going to try to post more regularly again. My acnl town has changed a lot during the past month! I finally have the 10 villagers I’m planning to stick with so I made a fourth character (FINALLY!) and I think I might make his house into a school (also he’s dressed like Tuxedo Mask ^^)

Ankha looks so cute wearing the tiger shirt <3


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Collection — PC Engine — Banpresto (1994)

Is there a name for this hip-bump game?

I just went through a huge ordeal trying to plot Bunnie’s house in the right spot (for 4 days!) and I ended up having to settle for one space off T_T

But at least she’s super cute and now I only need Mira to complete my town!


O-dango head. — drawn for @Sketch_Dailies

Goodbye Octavian :(

Hello Bunnie!


I made a little pattern with all 10 of my villagers so now that’s my new blog background and desktop * v * )>

Thanks to acnldelivery I was finally able to complete my sloppy set and finish putting my messy basement together!


美少女戦士セーラームーン (SFC)